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Monday, May 7, 2012

So much has been going on....

Life here has been so very busy - so many good things...all to give praises to Our God for his many blessings!!

Daughter and Granddaughter and Hubby and grandson - baptismal was just awesome - it was a wonderful thing to see...

I have been blessed to set up a Monthly Workshop for children associated with three different churches.  We will meet once a month to create cards for those who are in Prisons and Nursing Homes.  I am so blessed to be able to offer this !!  I had been out of practice for over 4 years so it took a little for me to get organized....but it worked out well.

Lost a friend in the past month it was unexpected she was only 53 yo....Sad to see death among out friends, it is nature yes but a Sad thing. 

Granddaughter tore her ACL and a few other ligaments in her knee [softball injury] so she had surgery last week and is progressing well, she is unable to attend the senior prom [she was asked] but she will be whole in at lest 6 months.  She is a trooper for sure....her faith carried her through the pain - She said I was her hero as I live in pain every day [arachnoitis] and she did not want to cry - I felt so good that she wanted to hold back but pain is pain.....

Cards are being made throughout all this as that is my comfort lol, I was with daughter for a week and packed half of the studio - glad I did got to make over 46 cards, and played with a girlfriend showing her new techniques.

This week hubby and I celebrate 44 years WOW!!! so we are going to do a tour of Old Philadelphia, and the Dead Sea Scrolls are in town. 

Will upload some pictures when I get a chance.

For alll my blog friends, continue to pray for me that all I do Gives Him Glory!!!

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