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History of Cards by Rosalind

Many years ago, my father loved a card I sent him, and he told me how no one does that anymore, when you get old [he was in his late 80's] people forget.  Then my best friend [since 1964]mother was dx with Cancer and she became housebound for years after her diagnosis.  I would send a card occasionally and would get a great reception not just from the recipient but the family and friends who saw the card.  It wasn't that the cards were well put together nor that there design was that great.  I believe it was because they received the card. 

After my Dad passed, my husband and I made the decision to relocate to Philadelphia to work in the church.  To bad we did not know at the time that this was God's plan not ours.  First it was just one nursing home monthly cards.  Then one day in 2011 one of The Elders came to pick something up....and she stopped and prayed for my studio.....OK I said....I have a great faith......but I was doing OK really.

  Well as of December 2011, we have 9 Missionaries who deliver to 12 -14 Nursing Homes, in Philadelphia area.  God is good!! 2011 we delivered 581 Cards..........that is over 1500 smiles.... Every Card I make - I smile.....that is 581...
Missionaries deliver them that is another 581 smiles....the person receives it that is 1,743 smiles and then it goes on and on.  

I challenge you to make a card and send it to that neighbor, friend, someone you worked with, send one to any Nursing Home....and may God Bless you as you do this - remembering those who -- are sometimes forgotten...

I could not do this great work, for our Lord if it were not for the volunteers who deliver, the volunteers who make cards as well, all the support that I receive from other paper crafters who design ideas as well. 

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