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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Holidays

I am slowly getting it together but first I wish everyone who views this a Happy Thanksgiving and a happy CHRISTmas.  I. have finished all Christmas Cards and now getting them ready for the mail.  $$$$$ WOW

Every year I create a  mass of cards for the missionaries who visit the Simpson House in Philadelphia which is a retirement facility for all.  This year I created 150 - Every year this is my October - November project.  I am currently making envelopes for our personal  cards, and then I must focus on the Church cards.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the 150 but will take a few tomorrow.  I am in bed was sign up for Aquatics - the family feels that this will help me get some tone back.  Now I must say who needs it. ok I do....:( I turned 60 this year and in about 5 weeks will turn 61 - I wonder what it holds for me. Someone asked what my handicap was and I asked them which body part lol......If you see me on a good day I do not look it.  But I have had 14 back surgeries which left me with Arachnoiditis, Radiculoitis, Chronic Pain Syndrome, arthritis of the total vertebrae system.  DJD in hip. This year Heart disease and Vascular disease and COPD. There are times when I use a cane or walker or wheelchair or my rascal.  So that is the story of Roz

I hope you are being blessed this holiday..making people smile  with your beautiful crafts.