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Monday, January 30, 2012


I can't believe that the month is all most over...It has been just beautiful here in Philadelphia, the weather has been odd, warm days lots of wind....but beautiful skies.

I recently went out to a SU Card Demo last week and I had not realized how much I missed joining in with other scrappers - hanging out and creating and just having fun with like-minded women.  I had a blast!!! and I finally did it.  I join in and became a Stamping Up Demonstrator.  Yes, after wanting this for the last 5 years, I finally did it.  I love their paper and their stamps are the greatest.  Should I tell you about thier new punches...which I just love.

As most know I am a tool junkie, and what ever I like I NEED to have every color. I am sure once I get my feet wet I will be telling you more....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hard getting started

It was our first real snow of 2012 in Philadelphia and I was determine to get a lay out or two done as I am about 2 years behind lol. It took me a half a day to clean the room so that I could have a place to scrap,  I've been working on cards for the last two months so the desk is filled with Valentine Themes. but I did it!! I got two full pages done.....after so much time devoted to cards it took awhile for me to get back into the swing of things...

Will post pics after service this morning,

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The big view






My studio







OK it has been cleaned for about a week and now lets try and upload the pics...enjoy- I give thanks to my hubby for he  buys all the toys :) --my room is filled with things that make me happy.  I also use crystal bowls, for storage....The greatest joy is that I have found some of my mothers objects that I cherish.  The next picture will be of the total room the table with the lace on it.  is over 60 years....I can remember ME sitting at this table - lol

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day of Service - Memories

Today is Martin L, King's 83rd birthday. I often wonder if he had not died how much more could this man have done. Yet today is a day of service in memory of him and the foundation that he left, You know I will be making cards -

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Valentine Day Cards

Well, I have been busy the last few days making Valentines Cards for the Missionaries...I took a tutorial on a  blog, can't remember the name on a pocket card, it is such a easy way to create such a nice card, and the seniors will be able to pull a tag out.....Inside the card, the tag reads Love You 

Here are a few examples:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Remembering those who walked the walk

As I started February card, I realized that Feb. is also Black History I decided to create some cards reflecting a honor for those in the Nursing Homes, for they are the ones who lived through the hard times in America during the Civil Rights Movement. ....will let you see what I come up with -  Think it will be some type of Historical Card with some facts on it.  Ok need to go to the studio and work on this.........

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Morning World! I am up very early- why - It's raining here and my body is feeling every drop, but that is ok  because I can feel the Our yahoo group had a winner last night on our Message number game....and I posted the number prior to the winner and wanted to see the person who would win...but sleep came first.  So this morning Miss Dawn posted ....

I like playing games in our group - I don't have much time, but during those nights when sleep does not visit me I spend hours on this machine.....if I had the patience to do the blog hops, maybe I would win something lol.

Today mission, is to clean the studio, after the mad rush for January's card is a lot of cleaning to be done. Then maybe I will take new pictures and post where the stuff gets done.

Everyone be safe today, and know that even though it is raining here there is sunshine behind those clouds:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

 One idea for February Card
 One of the 70 January Cards that went out

I did it the cards will be in the mail tomorrow... Thanking everyone for their patience.  I also accomplished my challegne for the month for our scrapbooking group and I created a card for February which will be cost effective.  I have been a busy beaver for sure.  I also found a site that has hundreds of scriptures on clear kind of look for some new titles and inserts for the Nursing Homes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OK last night I spent about 3 hours looking at craft rooms on a wide assortment of blogs.  So what did I do this morning of course re-arranged some stuff. Mainly because I had a another room housing some tools that I let the kids use.  After Christmas the room has now become a play yes had to put the stuff back in my studio.  This weekend granddaughter Rel, is coming to take pictures etc.

Ok now I need to focus for the next day or two and get these cards in the mail,.,,,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It has been a wonderful day

Today I have been blessed to celebrate my 60th birthday!!  To most that might not mean much because 60 is very young these days.  Considering I never thought I would see 45, I am blessed and I can look back and see how God's hand has been in mine for many many years. 

All the surgeries, fourteen in ten years, rehab, limited mobility and my friend Mr. Pain who has been my constant friend for many years now. There is a old gospel song that says I look back and wonder how I got soul looks back and wonder how I got over....I would say I look back now and know that only God could have brought me this far. 

Tonight the family gathered at a Restaunt and we ate, took goobs of pictures  and  just had a good time... I sat there and said a prayer of thanks because I am so lucky to have the husband that I do...and children and the grands - what can anybody say...No one is perfect, but they all serve God, Go to church, focus on their families.....the word says that your grandchildren are your glory and boy that is so true.....

Tomorrow will be another great day, because the weather is suppose to be awesome again, and it is Sunday so of course Church.....and then back to work Roz - got to get the cards in the mail by Monday for sure,  A week in Bed really tore my schedule up..

God Bless everyone,,,

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's my Birthday!!! WOW

I am excited to be turning 60 tomorrow- When I look back over my life so many miracles have been given to me in Grace and Mercy.  God's plan for me has been filled with many tests, but only to make me the woman that I am today. Hopefully with Grace and Mercy the next ten years will be filled with praises and service to my number one guy "Jesus".

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cards are coming but late....:(

Today is mail day but unfortunately,I have been delayed by my friend - hypertensiion- I guess the rush of the holidays and not really checking myself, I suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack on Monday night.  So I am back on meds and spending a few days in bed to get the blood flowing correctly. lol  Cards will be mailed on Monday. To all my volunteers I am so sorry for the delay.  Keep me in prayer, as I continue to get better

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year again

Happy New Year everyone, I wrote this long post on New Years Day but something went wrong with the wireless so here we go again, $50.00 later.  My grands tease us because our condo is high tech. lol....but there is a price when you are dependent on support systems to keep things running.  

New Years for our family was spent in a wonderful Watch Night was beautiful to be in the House of the Lord as a New Year comes in.....then we had a light meal and off to sleep until the afternoon.  Made New Years dinner and we just hung around, yesterday of course was filled with football on 3 tv's - I am a Eagles Fan so when the door closed, I don't enjoy watching anymore. lol

Working on January's Card - which the theme is snowflakes.... I am running a design contest on our yahoo group for February's card, as there are so many great paper crafters out there and sometimes they can create a card that will do the trick for the month.  

We are up to 75 cards a month now so you know I will be busy.  Michael is home today so getting cards done is not going to happen.  tomorrow assembly of the cards and then the next day the insides.  

My wish for all my followers is that 2012 will bring you Mercy and Grace and many many memories that will last a lifetime.  God Bless.

Rosalind Eddy