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Saturday, December 22, 2012

God Bless, during this Holiday Season

Happy Birthday Jesus!!! as Jesus is the reason for the Season!!! it is just three days from Christmas and my 8 year old is almost about to lose it.  He asked for something big this year and oh my he cannot wait. 

My health is progressing slowly I must say, the family has become quite concerned for reasons I could not understand....after bugging everyone in the family - it was because I was losing weight, and my color was terrible, I was tired all the time, and still am but picked up a few pounds which I did not need lol. Joined the Y - doing water aquatics. You know how your family is they worry - I am the worrier when anyone else in the family has a issue. With myself, after so many spinal surgeries[13], I guess a word would be I have become harden.  So I asked my sister who goes to every appointment with me..and se said - you are sick girl, with silent killers - there will be no warning - you must take care of yourself!!!  my response was OH.

I finally got my MOJO back for the scrap room, created over 200 Christmas Cards for the missionaries who visit the nursing facilities. Created a few mini albums that are going to be Gifts, as well as some journals. I have the pictures on the camera just haven't  uploaded them yet. 

To all my scrapbooking and Card making friends and Blog Friends:

 may you be BLESSED with Joy Peace and Love during this great Holiday - May you be blessed with Family and Friends, who leave you many great memories.  Merry Christmas,

Roz E.