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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New journey begins

Well the doctors called with the results of the testing......I find the God that I serve to be so full of Mercy and Grace.   WOW is all I can say.  Went to the doctors for problems with my hip and a found lump in my breast, well they are both manageable - however they found a 70% blockage of the Carotid Arteries.....which has sent me for a loop but I know that this is just a test and new road to walk.....With God holding my hand and sometimes I am sure he will carry me, I will make it!!!

So life goes on I just need to slow down, so unfortunately the Card Process will slow down for a little while...To our missionaries I will forward cards as soon as life around here becomes stable....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Week

What a long week it has been, had loads of medical testing done, on Friday and Monday and the week has been sitting and waiting for the phone call the ring with the results.  I finally called the doctors office this morning as it has been long enough. Of course they will call me back.....

Had loads of time to reflect, pray, meditate...because when you are waiting on results there is little else you can do, I've tried to scrap or create a card all to no avail...just can't get the juices running....

Girlfriend has been over every day to keep me encouraged, love her....the phone has been ringing and I am at my daughters home this week - just to get some rest and peace from the city noise lol.

Tomorrow I am going to do a workshop with some great kids, I know they will lift my laughter..they get so excited learning the paper craft!! Then starts a busy week of church events and prep -

God is Good All the Time!!!

have a safe and blessed weekend.....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

HAPPY Thursday...Life has been challenging for Cards by Rosalind lately.  I have been trying to get my mojo working but have had some disturbing medical issues the last two weeks.  My adult life has been filled with surgical, pain and learning to deal with these issues to make my life full.  Without God I know I would not have the mobility that I currently have.

Went to the doctors  last week for blood tests, x rays and ultrasounds of hip, carotid arteries and chest...sitting around this week waiting on results and we all know how that works - do they not recognize the stress that is created during that time.  Since my fathers death [5 yrs ago] I developed hypertension, have had a few TIA, so that big one is lurking around somewhere.  I know that God will never give me anything that I can't handle - I know for those who have limited faith, this is surreal, but for me I have lived my life depending on that faith....and he has never failed me.

So those who receive Cards - I am unable to focus so they will be delivered late.....:( Those who know the words of prayer, jump on my prayer wheel and keep it turning  God Bless......

Monday, May 7, 2012

So much has been going on....

Life here has been so very busy - so many good things...all to give praises to Our God for his many blessings!!

Daughter and Granddaughter and Hubby and grandson - baptismal was just awesome - it was a wonderful thing to see...

I have been blessed to set up a Monthly Workshop for children associated with three different churches.  We will meet once a month to create cards for those who are in Prisons and Nursing Homes.  I am so blessed to be able to offer this !!  I had been out of practice for over 4 years so it took a little for me to get organized....but it worked out well.

Lost a friend in the past month it was unexpected she was only 53 yo....Sad to see death among out friends, it is nature yes but a Sad thing. 

Granddaughter tore her ACL and a few other ligaments in her knee [softball injury] so she had surgery last week and is progressing well, she is unable to attend the senior prom [she was asked] but she will be whole in at lest 6 months.  She is a trooper for sure....her faith carried her through the pain - She said I was her hero as I live in pain every day [arachnoitis] and she did not want to cry - I felt so good that she wanted to hold back but pain is pain.....

Cards are being made throughout all this as that is my comfort lol, I was with daughter for a week and packed half of the studio - glad I did got to make over 46 cards, and played with a girlfriend showing her new techniques.

This week hubby and I celebrate 44 years WOW!!! so we are going to do a tour of Old Philadelphia, and the Dead Sea Scrolls are in town. 

Will upload some pictures when I get a chance.

For alll my blog friends, continue to pray for me that all I do Gives Him Glory!!!