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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone

The holidays were filled with family, fellowship, lots of cooking and sharing in the greatest holiday season.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welll I have tried a few ideas, but nothing is really hitting me for January.

As I walk about the paper and stamps - I can't come up with a good idea for January. tried the candy sstamps and no that will not .  going to try a mitten theme today will let you see. lol

Went last night to Granddaughters concert, - after 23 years of attending concerts @ OSH  I must say it was a great concert...the voices were well blended and the material was so refreshing.......I truly appreciate a great teacher of the arts, as that was my major in school and I now realize how hard it was after so many concerts and the many rehearsals that they must do.

I am so sadden at all the schools who are taking the arts out of schools, for the arts teach so much more than just the songs or the is the beginning of appreciation of many things in life. just saying.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

13 days till Christmas

On Vacation this week somewhat or at least that is what I'd like to call it, in reality dd on road trip for a week and guess who is watching the children and sparky the dog.....I love the time that I get to spend with them, just getting up at 7:30 am is really not my world.....but a g.m has to do what a g.m. has to do. lol

Going to spend the time designing the January Card with the 15 new Martha Stewart punches..........

Friday, December 2, 2011


All packages for December cards were mailed on the first.  To God be the Glory....The packages for the hand delivery are ready.  O and we received three more request this month from three more nursing home.......

Everyone be blessed during this season......Give Jesus the praises that are required....enjoy your family and friends!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Card Crop - Great Success

Today the women of the church gather together to finished the 150 Christmas Cards to be sent out.  Well we did that all cards have been decorated and signed......ready for delivery!!!  We also filled 100 candy boxes for the senior and the homeless.

It was a fun day showing people all the different ways to decorate a card.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cards

Really sorry for the large photo - I have no idea what I did wrong when I uploaded them, and there are no kids here to show me how to fix  Enjoy

Christmas Cards 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

It has been a very busy November creating cards for the Nursing Homes and the Shut Ins.  I have given myself the goal of December 1st for Mail to go out...Whew!

At this writing I have completed 114 Cards - tomorrow we are having a card crop where we will put the inside in and sign all the cards. They will be off on Monday three days early!!!

This has been such a great adventure, and my newest students, Crystal and Kim have been decorating the embellishments for two months now.....

I have attached a few example for you to enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

November Card is in the works YEA

Octobers' cards were finally mailed, and now we are working on November's Card. I am blessed as I now have two young women who like to color but at home. 

Novembers card will be with the Thanksgiving Theme -- a Turkey
100 Turkeys have been cut from the Cricut - beyond birthday turkey, and they are being shadowed with a darker color to bring the little guy up.  Crystal took them all to her house to stickle and color -

Meanwhile back at the ranch[studio] I am hunting for paper that reflects the turkey is fun so far. 

Just received 3 new Christmas Stamp Sets for the Holiday, CR has over 200 cards to make for Nursing Homes, and tags for the homeless.......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The weather has changed - Wow

Yesterday we put the heat on for the first time this season.  It is just October and it was 50 degrees...My bones just can't take that quick of a change. LOL. So the rush was to pick what was left in the Garden before the frost got to it....and what did we find in the garden, A mama cat and three brand new kittens. I was not a happy camper that they set up housekeeping in my yard but they are protected from the other cats in the neighborhood. 

Received my new stamp for the month, no surprise it is a Christmas one. Wow and so cute, Can't wait to come up with some ideas for Christmas Cards, so far we need at least 150 cards to supply to the nursing homes and the homeless project.  I have asked all my scrapper friends for their help on this project - first of all it makes us feel good when we create cards for others. 

So if you enjoy creating cards just email me and let me know - I will give you details.....

Everyone have a happy October, enjoy the change of season......

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Cardmaking Process

As I now mail over 70 cards a month now - I had to create a way to make interesting cards.....The key is one style but many formats lol.....

 Step One Stamped and color them out.

 Background paper added - notice some have raffet/ribbion/

The card is basic but the stickles are different and coloring are different as well, why is that because I start off stamping 12 x 12 paper with that months theme, once stamped then I can carry the sheet around and color as my mood hits me.  I cut all the paper on the same day making sure it goes with the theme, this works out so much better for many reasons.  If you need to account for what the process takes or costs, this is easy.  Next month I will give you a detail lists of materials for 70 cards.  So enjoy the pictures I hope they explain the process ----   Make a Card, make someone smile!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on October's Card

I really think the Senior will get a kick out of this months design, I used the Stephanie Barnard Owl Stamp Set, to create owls, and then of course we stickled them as much as we could, we took some raffita and bunched it up with ribbon, and attached to an assortment of fall themed paper.  Under each owl it will say -
"It's owl good" and the inside will say I'll owl ways love you! both from the Stephanie Barnard Stamp collection. 

I must say this is the first month I've used just colorbox stamp pads and I just love them, they create such a even stamp without much pressure, the stamps get loaded with ink!!!  I am really glad that I both the complete set of 12, makes color coordination much better.

Will post finished card when I get a chance to use Penny [my camera] and yes I name most things lol.