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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wokrshop was a blast!!

Yesterday a few ladies from the church came to create... they both are newbies and were so shocked that they made a card......One big Smile for me....we spent four hours together, and only accomplished three was a day filled with testimonies and praise, both of these ladies are new to Christ, and are so joyous to be on this path....

I was reminded when I first found the Lord, I was a teenager and it was almost expected because that is how I was raised.  When I became a woman I found him as a Personal Savior, big difference for sure....I was elated to see them so excited, and in love with Jesus!!!  It gives me big smiles....

yesterday it was 85 degrees here today it was about 50 what a change, so I spent most of the day using my new toys...Stampin Up Big Dies!!!! 

have a blessed night.....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's been a long week but a Great One.

Haven't had a chance to blog in over a week, WOW time moves so fast..the grands were off for spring break and spent the week with me. and then,.We had a baptismal ceremony on Saturday and my daughter and grandchildren were baptized!!!!  It was a wonderful experience to see and be a part of.  Will scrapbook these pictures first chance I get.  It was a emotional week for me - a mothers dream!! 

Working on Mother's day Cards all month long...loving creating embossed rose [Stamping Up] and using handmade paper that I had never used.  Have a workshop in two weeks - in hope that the mission is spread.  We have two new missionaries - who will deliver cards to the nursing homes.  

I have met some really great people on this mission, I am so thankful for those who call or visit the blog just to encourage me.  I hope that you are blessed in many ways.

Everyone have a blessed day!!! 

Encouragement from many miles away!

When doing service from the Lord, there are many times when discouragement sneaks in and makes you think that what you are doing isn't meeting the mark...Let me tell you how encouragement came through the mail for Cards by Rosalind. First let me apologize for being so late posting.  I receive a letter from Washington State...and I say to my husband do we know anyone in Washington State...he says no lol, but inside this envelope was an angels message.....just to encourage me and bless me with a gift from Heart & Soul Rubber Stamp Co......thank you Sue......May God Bless and Keep you for the work that you do for Our Lord and Savior.

So the lesson to be learned is continue everyone to do the work of the Lord, in what ever manner you do.....for it is a GOOD thing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April a wonderful month.....,
It has been a few days since I have had a chance to update and tomorrow will be hectic for sure.  I am so thankful to God for his seen and unseen blessings in my life.  Grand- daughter is scheduled for surgery to repair knee, she has limited pain but much damage.....
Easter Cards were sent last week, and currently working on Birthday, Get well, and encouragement Cards for a Missionary Group who would like to purchase cards for the homes that they visit. 
then there are the two mini albums I am trying to finish, one for a young man who lost his wife a few weeks ago, and one for a baby born in January.....I am a little late for sure.
Working on Mother's Day's Cards as well, grand niece spending a few days with me so I have her cutting out roses lol.....
Have someone doing the spring cleaning of the yard, and putting up the canopy, plans are to have a BBQ on Sunday if the weather holds up....KIS for sure...
Today was a day filled with prayer for others, so many have problems that can't been seen...I am thankful that I am a friend of God......

Everyone have a Blessed Resurrection Weekend!!!!!

Here is a look---