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Monday, November 25, 2013

It's been a long time or has it lol

Life and time move so fast it is unbelievable that this year is almost over. This year has been filled with adjusting my life , learning new ways to eat, meditating a lot, loads of doctors visits as well. once we found out I have heart disease everything changed around here. Hubby cooks now, kids spend loads of time with me, I rarely go out unless I am going to the pool to workout, I promised myself I would start a new blog starting January ....called miss roz,s blog.....scrapbooking, cards, and life!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Day of spring - Wow

The trees are budding and flowers coming up  - and we here in SE New Jersey got very little snow. The weather has been very mixed since Christmas.  Someday you need to bundle up and read a book!

Since surgery I have become a avid reader, I started crocheting again...and resumed creating layouts. I am so lax some of Collins baby pictures have not been done.However it is enjoyable at times.  I joined a few on line groups for fun and have loads of fun reading their posts every day...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 These are Cards that are being sent to the Missionaries this month for the nursing homes :)
 Found these cute saying/quotes and thought how the Senior would enjoy a smile :)

Again this is the lot of the cards for January.....God Bless and thank you for visiting....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

God Bless, during this Holiday Season

Happy Birthday Jesus!!! as Jesus is the reason for the Season!!! it is just three days from Christmas and my 8 year old is almost about to lose it.  He asked for something big this year and oh my he cannot wait. 

My health is progressing slowly I must say, the family has become quite concerned for reasons I could not understand....after bugging everyone in the family - it was because I was losing weight, and my color was terrible, I was tired all the time, and still am but picked up a few pounds which I did not need lol. Joined the Y - doing water aquatics. You know how your family is they worry - I am the worrier when anyone else in the family has a issue. With myself, after so many spinal surgeries[13], I guess a word would be I have become harden.  So I asked my sister who goes to every appointment with me..and se said - you are sick girl, with silent killers - there will be no warning - you must take care of yourself!!!  my response was OH.

I finally got my MOJO back for the scrap room, created over 200 Christmas Cards for the missionaries who visit the nursing facilities. Created a few mini albums that are going to be Gifts, as well as some journals. I have the pictures on the camera just haven't  uploaded them yet. 

To all my scrapbooking and Card making friends and Blog Friends:

 may you be BLESSED with Joy Peace and Love during this great Holiday - May you be blessed with Family and Friends, who leave you many great memories.  Merry Christmas,

Roz E.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Holidays

I am slowly getting it together but first I wish everyone who views this a Happy Thanksgiving and a happy CHRISTmas.  I. have finished all Christmas Cards and now getting them ready for the mail.  $$$$$ WOW

Every year I create a  mass of cards for the missionaries who visit the Simpson House in Philadelphia which is a retirement facility for all.  This year I created 150 - Every year this is my October - November project.  I am currently making envelopes for our personal  cards, and then I must focus on the Church cards.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the 150 but will take a few tomorrow.  I am in bed was sign up for Aquatics - the family feels that this will help me get some tone back.  Now I must say who needs it. ok I do....:( I turned 60 this year and in about 5 weeks will turn 61 - I wonder what it holds for me. Someone asked what my handicap was and I asked them which body part lol......If you see me on a good day I do not look it.  But I have had 14 back surgeries which left me with Arachnoiditis, Radiculoitis, Chronic Pain Syndrome, arthritis of the total vertebrae system.  DJD in hip. This year Heart disease and Vascular disease and COPD. There are times when I use a cane or walker or wheelchair or my rascal.  So that is the story of Roz

I hope you are being blessed this holiday..making people smile  with your beautiful crafts.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

September here already???

It has been a very long summer, but all is good.  I have my flow back a little each day.  I will not be doing as many as I did before..Why you might ask lol.  Because I have turned into the sleep queen.  Up all night, then alsleep up till noon most days.  LOL.  I have fun learning new teck from You Tube - Reading the many blogs that are out there.  There is much to do..

I am still a non smoker and it is still hard but I still want to live lol. The many doctors appointments are continual and annoying and getting to be very expensive....I am still on my Healthy Heart Diet for the most part....I have a wonderful hubby who loves for me to eat sweets rofl.

Cards well I have made 180 so far for the Smith Nursing Home, next week I am making some for a hospital for children, that should be fun. Trying to use up my stash so I have a reason to continue to buy - do we really need a excuse - Think Not......

Will post some cards I have made. later!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The creative juices are finally flowing

I am soooo grateful after a few weeks of a form of was the first day of none of it...and I actually keep bending down just to make sure.....

From what I understand, the medications are keeping me alive...and they started taking away one at a time very slowly to make sure they are hitting the right one.

But let me tell the joy I had for the last 5 days, I created 15 cards - it took me a long time to get it going, Especially since I was still buying while I was not creating. So I had many packages to open and so many stamps to play with lol....

I hope those who are reading my blog understand that vascular/heart/lung disease is a silent killer......Had I not went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with my hip - I would be very dead...:( The importance of going to the doctor is vital especially as we age.  In my thirty's -40's I had 14 spinal operations..which left me with little faith in doctors. My cardiac doctor asked me What do you want Roz...I said to live to see my grands grow!!  His reply was you must do all I say...and I said...yes sir.....for me that was big. Most ask the insurance a hubby has #1 cover...I just did not like going.  I encourage YOU to care for yourself.....I like for you to keep reading the wonderful world of BLOGGING........

God Bless:)