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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Cardmaking Process

As I now mail over 70 cards a month now - I had to create a way to make interesting cards.....The key is one style but many formats lol.....

 Step One Stamped and color them out.

 Background paper added - notice some have raffet/ribbion/

The card is basic but the stickles are different and coloring are different as well, why is that because I start off stamping 12 x 12 paper with that months theme, once stamped then I can carry the sheet around and color as my mood hits me.  I cut all the paper on the same day making sure it goes with the theme, this works out so much better for many reasons.  If you need to account for what the process takes or costs, this is easy.  Next month I will give you a detail lists of materials for 70 cards.  So enjoy the pictures I hope they explain the process ----   Make a Card, make someone smile!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Working on October's Card

I really think the Senior will get a kick out of this months design, I used the Stephanie Barnard Owl Stamp Set, to create owls, and then of course we stickled them as much as we could, we took some raffita and bunched it up with ribbon, and attached to an assortment of fall themed paper.  Under each owl it will say -
"It's owl good" and the inside will say I'll owl ways love you! both from the Stephanie Barnard Stamp collection. 

I must say this is the first month I've used just colorbox stamp pads and I just love them, they create such a even stamp without much pressure, the stamps get loaded with ink!!!  I am really glad that I both the complete set of 12, makes color coordination much better.

Will post finished card when I get a chance to use Penny [my camera] and yes I name most things lol.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Photo - July's Card of the month

Summer is almost over

It has been a busy sunmmer for me.Creating Cards, gathering ideas, and  making the cards, I create an average of 50 cards per month, but have learned to create a card of the month and just make 50 of that design.  It makes life soooo much easier, and of course I need to keep my normal stock up and I can't seem to keep Birthday Cards in stock!!  

Had a wonderful summer spending most of the time with my grandchildren, but just returned from Ormond Beach Florida, which was a beautiful beach, very quite, limited kids, and wonderful people.  Fran and I took connecting flights both ways and God blessed us to miss each storm, they hit after we landed in the next state. It was an awesome experience to use that faith.

Just created the September Card which them is Owl is Good, I will  upload tomorrow so you can see.

Keep making cards ladies and send a stranger one too!!!