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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

September here already???

It has been a very long summer, but all is good.  I have my flow back a little each day.  I will not be doing as many as I did before..Why you might ask lol.  Because I have turned into the sleep queen.  Up all night, then alsleep up till noon most days.  LOL.  I have fun learning new teck from You Tube - Reading the many blogs that are out there.  There is much to do..

I am still a non smoker and it is still hard but I still want to live lol. The many doctors appointments are continual and annoying and getting to be very expensive....I am still on my Healthy Heart Diet for the most part....I have a wonderful hubby who loves for me to eat sweets rofl.

Cards well I have made 180 so far for the Smith Nursing Home, next week I am making some for a hospital for children, that should be fun. Trying to use up my stash so I have a reason to continue to buy - do we really need a excuse - Think Not......

Will post some cards I have made. later!!!