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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year again

Happy New Year everyone, I wrote this long post on New Years Day but something went wrong with the wireless so here we go again, $50.00 later.  My grands tease us because our condo is high tech. lol....but there is a price when you are dependent on support systems to keep things running.  

New Years for our family was spent in a wonderful Watch Night was beautiful to be in the House of the Lord as a New Year comes in.....then we had a light meal and off to sleep until the afternoon.  Made New Years dinner and we just hung around, yesterday of course was filled with football on 3 tv's - I am a Eagles Fan so when the door closed, I don't enjoy watching anymore. lol

Working on January's Card - which the theme is snowflakes.... I am running a design contest on our yahoo group for February's card, as there are so many great paper crafters out there and sometimes they can create a card that will do the trick for the month.  

We are up to 75 cards a month now so you know I will be busy.  Michael is home today so getting cards done is not going to happen.  tomorrow assembly of the cards and then the next day the insides.  

My wish for all my followers is that 2012 will bring you Mercy and Grace and many many memories that will last a lifetime.  God Bless.

Rosalind Eddy

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