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Thursday, May 24, 2012

HAPPY Thursday...Life has been challenging for Cards by Rosalind lately.  I have been trying to get my mojo working but have had some disturbing medical issues the last two weeks.  My adult life has been filled with surgical, pain and learning to deal with these issues to make my life full.  Without God I know I would not have the mobility that I currently have.

Went to the doctors  last week for blood tests, x rays and ultrasounds of hip, carotid arteries and chest...sitting around this week waiting on results and we all know how that works - do they not recognize the stress that is created during that time.  Since my fathers death [5 yrs ago] I developed hypertension, have had a few TIA, so that big one is lurking around somewhere.  I know that God will never give me anything that I can't handle - I know for those who have limited faith, this is surreal, but for me I have lived my life depending on that faith....and he has never failed me.

So those who receive Cards - I am unable to focus so they will be delivered late.....:( Those who know the words of prayer, jump on my prayer wheel and keep it turning  God Bless......

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