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Monday, March 26, 2012

Yesterday church was great....and very was our Founders Day Service where we remember the founders of the church who happen to have been my parents.  Kind words were said, and for the first time since his death [5 years] I was ok...I still miss him dearly - but I am ok because I understand his vision and his work for the Lord.  It took 5 years but I finally got it.  He never became discouraged when working for the Lord, which is amazing as in to days world when things don't go right - most give up....he always looked for the good.  Something I am working on daily - looking for the good. I am encouraged and miss him.

Today it suppose to be nice so I have to get outside and prepare the soil or at least clean up winters mess. So cards will have to wait until tomorrow when it is cold outside, The weather in PA. has been very strange, cherry blossoms bloomed, bulbs coming up.... hay fever will be a bad thing this season.

thanks for listening.....Have a blessed day...

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