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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cards for March in the Mail

Well, I did not think it could be two weeks we moved the scrap studio to yet another room and still needs fine tuning but the necessary tools were put in place and I began.....non stop yesterday 47 cards in one day - only 5 designs so it made it go fast.

Life story: one of the children asked why do you have to make so many cards and what is your hurry it is only for sick people.  My reply was no son, they are not sick people they are seasoned people.  These are the people who came before us and made the way for where you are today - no matter what race, color or creed - we all owe honor to those who came before us.  We should honor them in anyway we can.....and the conversation went on about using manners - and respect in todays society.

This work has so many twists and turns in it - I am always surprised when doing the work of the Lord how one thing can lead to yet another.

To God get all the Glory!!!

Working on Easter Cards now....promise to post new studio pic and card soonest.......

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