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Monday, May 16, 2011

Anniversary Week all over :(

Well it was a wonderful week spent with Michael, we went to Atlantic City for three days and the sun was shining every day.  Our room had a great ocean view which I enjoyed every morning.....We ate until we could not eat anymore......Thank you seafood buffet.  Gambled a little, no did not win lol.  We just spent the time enjoying each other,.  Michael and I celebrated 45 years together, and we appreciate each and every trial and tribulation that we as a union went through.  It is why today, when I hear his key in the door I smile.

Well back to work for sure.  Over the weekend we had a church function in which a few missionaries were present, I asked do you visit the elderly - both said yes, so I now have 10 Nursing homes to supply cards to.  What a wonderful feeling to make so many smiles happen.  But the question of the day was, how do I service so many - well today I did a mass card.  These are the steps I took to create 20 cards in one day.
  1. Create your design, - I choose to stamp birthday cakes, as one missionary has quite a few birthdays coming up.  So I used the Stamps of Life Birthday Cake,
  2. Cut your base, for staming, this is where the design will go.  I used 4 x 3 in base in a cream color.
  3. Set up stamps, I used 4 blocks for this project, one to hold the cake table, and two teir of the cake and a birthday candle on top.  Stamp each base card.
  4. Coloring - I colored the stamping before I decided to add anything else
  5. Stickle, ok you know I always use some bling somewhere lol
  6. Mat base card with appropriate color
  7. Find coordinating paper to match you base and mat
  8. Stamp inside card with words, and signature on back
  9. attach all to card base and there you go.
This project took me about 4 hours, as I watched two movies while I did the card. 
Will upload tomorrow.

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