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Monday, August 27, 2012

The creative juices are finally flowing

I am soooo grateful after a few weeks of a form of was the first day of none of it...and I actually keep bending down just to make sure.....

From what I understand, the medications are keeping me alive...and they started taking away one at a time very slowly to make sure they are hitting the right one.

But let me tell the joy I had for the last 5 days, I created 15 cards - it took me a long time to get it going, Especially since I was still buying while I was not creating. So I had many packages to open and so many stamps to play with lol....

I hope those who are reading my blog understand that vascular/heart/lung disease is a silent killer......Had I not went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with my hip - I would be very dead...:( The importance of going to the doctor is vital especially as we age.  In my thirty's -40's I had 14 spinal operations..which left me with little faith in doctors. My cardiac doctor asked me What do you want Roz...I said to live to see my grands grow!!  His reply was you must do all I say...and I said...yes sir.....for me that was big. Most ask the insurance a hubby has #1 cover...I just did not like going.  I encourage YOU to care for yourself.....I like for you to keep reading the wonderful world of BLOGGING........

God Bless:)

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