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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It has been a month of recuperating and all is well.  Today Hubby and I move into our new apartment, back in New Jersey.  I am really excited about it as it is a place for me and hubby.  Not too much room just enough.  Of course this requires another decorating of a scrap room - I think in the last 5 years I have had to change my studio 4 times......this time it will be a little simplistic as I won't be doing classes and holding crops -I am in hopes that I can create a spot that will be peaceful and I can get these cards done every mnth as well as complete some scrapping Still have years to complete.

My health has improved, I am healing day by day...and learning eat correctly...The smoking is still no more, many say how did you do it....Believe me fear, and God will make you stop!!!  I want to live......having heart and lung disease is serious and I am treating it seriously.....

Three months with the grands - WOW it has been loads of fun, laughs, sometimes I just wanted to get away but I would not trade one second of it....They took such good card of me, and kept me laughing through it all.

Keep me in prayer and know that I am thinking of you...God Bless

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